Daring to Engage In Courageous Realities Enthusiastically Everyday


Our community and contibutes to economic development by fueling the success of under-resources entrepreneurs through education, mentoring, micro-lending and networking.


Underserved communities and individuals by fostering a community that builds hope and equality for all individuals through entrepreneurship.

We help you do business and life courageously

CRIF’s impact will help produce people that will be:

Success stories in business

Pioneers in building strong families and communities

Major contributors to the U.S economy through

Employment taxes and small business development

Promoters of individuality


CRIF provides Small Business and Entrepreneurship Training, targeting aspiring entrepreneurs, minority and women-owned small businesses with 1-15 employees. We identify low-income communities and outreach to individuals earning less than $50,000 a year. Participants are encouraged to enroll in Credit and Money Management, Credit Counseling, and Small Business Technical Assistance to ensure they are equipped to handle the financial challenges of operating a small business.

Like many other financial literacy nonprofits, the mission of CRIF is to educate and empower. The difference is that CRIF connects that empowerment and educational directly to the personal banker–directly to that new bank account, to that loan officer, and to the start of a relationship with a financial institution that could potentially last a lifetime.

Your courageous reality is not where you are now, not even where you been, but it’s what and how you aspire to live. A life lived COURAGEOUSLY!

Whether it is financial freedom, entrepreneurship, life balance, money management, small business training, goal setting or team management, CRIF would like to meet and service you.
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